W3C Compliant Design – looks great on all devices


No Coding Knowledge Needed

Don’t understand code? No problem. The plugin is designed in such a way that complex tasks happen in
the backend, and you are presented with intuitive features and options.


Customize as per your Like

You own your website and the menu too, you’ve got 120+ menu customization options to show your creativity and impress your visitors with a beautiful navigation menu.


Responsive up to the core

If you have the viewport meta tag on your site, the plugin is fully responsive and uses media queries with the widths you specify. Use it as the Mobile Menu, Tablet Menu, or Main Menu.


Light Weight on your Server

You can add your scripts and styles to your site directly or from external sources. The code is small (jQuery and CSS) and it can be minified, saving up to 50% on file space.


Menu Button of your Choice

The plugin creates a nice hamburger menu button that users can click to bring out a slide-out menu. You can choose where the menu will appear & even set a custom image.


Multilingual Menus Support

Make your menu accessible to a larger audience by displaying menus in multiple languages and to users speaking different languages.


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WordPress 3.6 +

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PHP 5.6 +

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MySQL 5.7 or MariaDB 10.3 +

Experience Responsive Menu in Action.

Create responsive navigation menus with custom icons and animations in just a few clicks.

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