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WordPress Responsive Menu
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Responsive Menu
No coding knowledge needed

Over 1 million downloads and counting...

WordPress Responsive Menu takes menus you create in your WordPress admin and turns them into beautiful hamburger menus all in the blink of an eye.

With over 120 customisable options you will be able to get it looking exactly as you desire.

WordPress Responsive Menu Explanation

This is a Highly Customisable Responsive Menu Plugin, with over 120 customisable options for a nice mobile menu or tablet menu experience.

The plugin creates a nice hamburger menu button (or custom image if you choose) that users can click to bring a slide (or push, or fade) out menu (from the left, right, top or bottom – again your choice), which is easily navigated.

The plugin is fully responsive if you have the viewport meta tag on your site, using media queries with the widths defined by you. It can be used as a responsive menu, mobile menu, tablet menu or full dedicated menu for your main site.

It requires no shortcodes (although you can use them) or fancy php code to be inserted by yourself making it very easy to install, and with over 120 customisable options, you can get it to look exactly as you want it to or leave it with its default values to have it looking amazing in just a matter of seconds.

You have the choice to include the stylesheets and scripts inline to avoid adding any extra HTTP requests to your site or through external stylesheets created by the plug-in to reduce source code bloat. Either way, the code added is extremely small (only a little jQuery and CSS) and there is even an option to minify the output if you wish saving up to a further 50% on file space.

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Server Compatibility Information

Responsive Menu uses some slightly more modern PHP functionality such as anonymous functions, square bracket arrays and namespacing and such we only support PHP 5.4 upwards.

PHP PHP 5.4+

Compatibility Information

Responsive Menu uses some more advanced JavaScript and CSS3 techniques for animation and display, and while we believe the plugin works perfectly well on alot of browsers below the versions mentioned below, we can only officially say we work perfectly in the following versions:

Internet Explorer Internet Explorer 9+
Chrome Chrome 26+
Firefox Firefox 16+
Safari Safari 6.1+
Opera Opera 12.1+