Menu above built with this plugin including Mega Menu.

License Activation Issues

If you are getting this message please check the following:

  • You are copying the License Key from the license key email and not your WordPress auto-generated password (they are in separate emails).
  • You are making sure not to copy any trailing space at the beginning or end of the license key (easy to do when copying from an email).
  • You’re web host allows external connections – this is required as youre site needs to contact my site to check that the license is valid.

If you are seeing the above message then this one is actually a lot easier to fix.

This basically means that either your curl or openssl software on your server is out of date (including local installations using LAMP, MAMP, WAMP etc.). You will need to speak to your webhost about upgrading the software or alternatively upgrade this yourself.

If you are seeing an issue similar to the above (the numbers might be different) then this could be one of two things.

It either means there is an outage on my site, however if you are seeing this page then that is likely not the case, or there is an issue with cURL on your server with making external connections.

The best thing to do in this situation is wait 5/10 minutes and if the problem still persists and my site appears to be working fine then contact your web host. They should be able to look at your logs and see if there are any issues with external connections from your server.

If after all the above, it is still not working for you then please feel free to contact me and we will see if we can track down the issue.

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