Menu above built with this plugin including Mega Menu.

Why won’t my menu show?

If you are having problems with the menu not showing up on your site after installing and activating the plugin, below are a few of the most common reasons why it won’t show:

Your breakpoint option is set too low

The next thing to check is that the Initial Setup > Breakpoint option is set to a high enough value. For example, if you have this set to something low, like 300 it is unlikely you will ever be on a device that is small enough to see the button.

There is a surprising amount of HTML errors found on sites I look at which cause all sorts of issues. I recommend running your site through the W3 HTML Validator to remove any HTML errors to eliminate this as the cause.

You have the Use Shortcode option turned on

It is possible that you may have enabled the Use Shortcode? option and forgotten to turn it off again or not realised what it does. If you have enabled this but not placed the shortcode itself inside any of your themes template folders then the menu will not show.

Please try disabling this option first and then try again.

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