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5 problems with the plugin

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    Andrey Panukov

    Thank you very much for your great plugin!
    I have several suggestions, and actually requests for improving it.
    1. There’s no button next to the search field, and it would be great if it was there (something that looks like magnifying glass).
    2. I would like to change the word “search” to another word. I am Russian and for our users it would be more understandable.
    3. The function “Close on Page Click” doesn’t work properly, – if you tap on the menu (when the function is on) then the menu blinks. It doesn’t look good.
    4. The chosen item looses its settings (padding, font, font color, background color). For example: How to set parameters for this item?
    5. There is no transparency setting for background of the page. I mean it is quite popular when the page gets darker when the menu is open.
    Thank you.

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    Hey Andrey,

    1. You can add this yourself using some Custom CSS and FontAwesome icons. It’s not something I’ve included as the button made the design less clean.

    2. This can already be done inside the plugin either by changing the option itself in the admin or using a tool like WPML or PolyLang.

    3. Please provide an example where this is not working or has this behaviour so I can check as that doesn’t h appen for me.

    4. Your example there looks like a misconfigured menu. Are you sure another plugin or theme isn’t overwriting the class names for that menu item? Please try disabling all other plugins and your theme temporarily to see if that issue still exists.

    5. There is an option for this already called Page Overlay.

    I would advise going through each of the options one by one and getting a feel for what they do as a couple of those above are already options.

    I hope the above helps.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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