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Disable top tier dropdown menu links on mobile

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    My mobile menu is almost perfect.
    The only thing i could not find in the settings is a option to disable top tier dropdown menu links on mobile.

    Is there a simple way to achieve that?

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    Hey Rick,

    What do you mean by disable them? Do you mean the Expand Items on Parent Click option?


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    Hi Peter

    Sorry for the late answer.

    If my Parent Item is not a site, just a pseudo to contain all sub items i dont want it to be a link. Because the page is not existing.Its a custom link type from WP Menu creating items.
    I added now some htaccess redirects to fix the problem temporary.
    It should only open and close on parent.
    – Parent (only expand/collapse)
    — Child (link)
    Is there a way to prevent that?
    See URL i’ve added.

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    Hey Rick,

    Yes that should be the Expand Items on Parent Click option as mentioned above.

    Please let me know if that helps


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    Hi Peter

    Thanx again for your patience with my request.
    You are providing a great service here. I’m sure we have reachead almost the goal of what i was looking for.

    Yes, i have set that option to “on”, but when i click on the parent, it loads the url. I try to prevent that behaviour.

    For example on your own Menu here on the site.
    There is the Section “Support”, and on the right is the heart. The behaviour when clicking on the heart is what i want to be for the whole section (Name/Title & Icon).

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    Hey Rick,

    That is what that option achieves so I’m surprised it’s not working for you.

    Have you cleared all caches etc since enabling the option?


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    Hi Rick and Peter,

    I have the exact same problem on my website.
    I have a menu in three levels.
    In the main menu, I have a un-clickable link, and it’s unclickable in my responsive menu.
    In my sub-menu, I also have several un-clickable links, (I deactivated the links in WP, apperances –> Menu –> Disable link)
    And as Rick I have a problem with the links in my sub-menu.
    Even though I have disabled the link in my menu, it loads the url, and I am tryind to prevent that.

    What can I do?
    Everything works fine in my WP-theme menu, but not when I use responsive-menu.

    Kind regards

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    Hey Annemette,

    I’ve just been on your site and none of the sub-menus under the Vælg Opgave without links load the URLs for me, they don’t do anything as you are expecting.

    Can you please tell me exactly how to recreate the issue and what sub-menu you are talking about specifically?

    Please let me know.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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