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Newby issues

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    Richard Michie

    Just added the plugin and getting it to work ok ish in Divi.

    First issue is that the menu appears behind the logo on mobile until I scroll. I want a logo to appear on the left opposite the burger and the menu to appear underneath.

    Second is that a search option is showing at the bottom of the page and I don’t want it there. Can you help please? The url is

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    Hey Richard,

    It is probably best to just push the menu down by the size of the header using some Custom CSS, such as below:

    #responsive-menu-pro-container {
       margin-top: 100px;

    The problem with that is that your header is not fixed but your menu is, so you get a weird top margin affect when scrolled down. I’m not sure what you can do about that if you don’t make both match up.

    I don’t see a search bar at the bottom of the page, but I do see the Desktop Menu there. Is there any reason you have the Desktop Menu options enabled if you are not using them?

    Please advise


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    Richard Michie

    That’s fixed the main problem, thank you.

    I’m still seeing the Ebury logo and a search box at the bottom of the mobile screen though. I’ve turned off desktop menu. What have I missed?

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    Hey Richard,

    That is coming from the Header Bar option in my plugin.

    Again, as you are not using it you can just turn it off.


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    Richard Michie

    Brilliant! I think I have it all sorted now. Thanks for your help

    Merry Christmas

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    Hey Richard,

    You are more than welcome and have a great Christmas too!


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