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Placing button in WordPress menu

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    Thomas Janssen

    Is it possible to place the Hamburger-button (or a different icon) in the current menu? I don’t want it to float around on the page, but just add it as a menu item. I tried adding the shortcode, which works, but the menu doesn’t show up (only in the header of the website).

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    Hey Thomas,

    Can you clarify what you mean exactly as I’m not sure I quite understand.

    Are you saying you want to add the hamburger button itself to an already existing menu on your site? If so, the shortcode as you say is the best way to go and then to change the positioning to Relative so it stays inline.

    I’m not sure why the menu wouldn’t show up after doing this, are you able to provide an example?

    Please advise


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    Thomas Janssen

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for your reply. Yes, I want the button to be in an existing menu. Currently, I’m getting an HTTP 500 error when I add the shortcode…

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    Hey Thomas,

    A 500 error sounds worrying. Can I ask what your server logs say for the 500 error as they should give you the clue as to what the issue is.

    Or can you explain to me how you are including the shortcode with the exact code you are using so I can check.


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    Thomas Janssen

    I tried to look it up, but there are NO errors in the Apache logfile… I’ve tried it on two machines (local and webhost)…
    Using ‘[responsive_menu]’, so without any special things.

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    Thomas Janssen

    Is there a way that I can just use some CSS to add the icon to the menu?

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    Thomas Janssen

    There is an option under ‘Button’ which says you can specifiy your own trigger. How do I implement this trigger?

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    Thomas Janssen

    Oh, that was easy. Got it solved, woot woot!!

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    Hey Thomas,

    Great news that you got it all solved.

    Are you able to share what you did to help future people like you coming to this forum?

    Thanks again for letting me know.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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