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Submenu not opening on iPad

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    Daniel Fradkin

    I have been using Responsive Menu from day one on my site ( without any issues. About 2 weeks ago I was informed by a customer that the menu on an iPad Pro was not responding properly. I confirmed on my own iPad Pro that when you click on a menu item it takes you to that page instead of triggering the submenu to open. The main menu items do have fallback page in case you accidentally ended up there.

    I was even further confused when i opened the menu on my iPhone and saw that the menu clicks do in fact trigger the submenu to open just like it always has done. So the only device that is having an issue is one with a screen bigger than an iPhone XS Max, but smaller than a desktop. I have spend hours going through all the settings in the plugin and cant find a solution.

    I have “Expand Sub Menus on Parent Item Click” enabled and therefore it should work on the iPad just like on does on the iPhone.

    I am using a pro license Version 3.1.18

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    Hi there,

    I don’t think this is related to my plugin. If you look at the source code for your site, unfortunately it is completely broken:

    The HTML has hundreds of errors and you are loading things incorrectly. I can almost guarantee if you fix the HTML then my plugin will work properly.

    I would start off disabling all other plugins and the theme and then enabling them again one by one until you find the cause.

    Please let me know once you’ve found the source of the issues and fixed it if my plugin still has issues after that and I’ll be more than willing to help out.

    All the best


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    Daniel Fradkin

    The weird part is that up until just a few weeks ago your plugin was working perfectly across all devices, and had been since it was first added to the site.

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    Hey Daniel,

    What has changed in the last few weeks in that case then, have you updated any other plugins, the theme etc?

    Something is breaking your HTML and you need to find the cause because you are going to have a lot more issues than just my plugin behaving differently across browsers unfortunately.

    Please let me know what you find.


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    Daniel Fradkin

    Unfortunately disabling the plugins made no difference at all. On an interesting side note it is only happening on my iPad Pro (regardless of what browser I’m using). It works fine on the iPhone using safari, chrome, firefox, edge, and opera. On the desktop it works fine in safari, chrome, firefox, and opera. I realize there are broken code, from various plugins, but im not sure how to address that as I am relying on plugins to accomplish certain tasks.

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    Hey Daniel,

    Did you try switching to the base WordPress theme to see if that fixes it, then you know if it’s a theme issue or not?

    Unfortunately if your HTML has that many errors there is no way to know how each device will interpret the code on the site.

    Please let me know if disabling all plugins and switching themes fixes it on ipad.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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