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Theme Nags

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    Mike Butcher

    I just bought the pro version.

    I’ve installed it over the free version – the free version remained in the menu bar, with nags to upgrade to pro.

    The pro version in the menu bar kept nagging for a licence. I applied the licence. Then it kept on nagging for a Theme, as if I HAD to have one, and blocked all other uses.

    I thought it might be bacause I had the free and paid versions installed. I deactivated and removed both.

    I then reinstalled the pro version.

    And now I am just being nagged by the message “You don’t appear to have any themes installed under /home/sisdev89/public_html/ currently. Please check your file path or download some using the button below:”

    I don’t want a theme. And I don’t want to be blocked from using the rest of the features of the menu plugin.

    Oh, and since installing the “pro” version, it keeps trying to write the Pro version serial number into my passwords manager (Avast) as if it were the login for the site.

    Have I just wasted my money with “Responsive Menu”?

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    Hey Mike,

    What do you mean by it nagged you for a theme. You don’t have to have one installed and it won’t block you from doing anything if you don’t have one. In fact 99% of users probably haven’t purchased specific Menu themes.

    It should only ask you to install a theme if you go on to the Themes tab and you don’t have any, if you are on any other tab you won’t see that message.

    Not having a Theme won’t block anything, can you please explain what it stopped you doing?

    If you are using the Pro version then you can deactivate the Free version and delete completely as you don’t need it anymore.

    I can’t do much about your password manager unfortunately, can’t you tell it to ignore the License Key? It’s a password field so that’s likely why it’s asking for it but surely your password manager has a setting to ignore specific inputs?

    Please advise


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    Mike Butcher

    If I go to “Responsive Menu Pro” on the WP dashboard, after a few seconds I get the “You don’t appear to have …” message. etc. As simple as that.

    Free free to log in to try it

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    Mike Butcher

    And, doh!, I just realised this is a public forum. Thus I’ve just changed the login details. Email me if you’d like to log in to see the problem for yourself.

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    Hey Mike,

    That message only shows up on the Theme tab. Are you saying you are seeing that message when you have other tabs open.

    Also, what do you mean that it stops you using the plugin? Are you saying you can’t change any settings, you can’t save settings etc?

    You can send over the settings to if you’d like me to take a look.

    Please advise


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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