It’s been a busy time since the last update trying to implement all your wonderful ideas and squash as many bugs as possible and todays release is one of the biggest of the 3.0 series.

Different size units (em, rem, %)

The world has moved on since the beginning days of the humble pixel (px) value and so I of course need to keep up with these trends. Until today, it had only been possible to select font sizes, border widths, menu heights and widths, button height, distances from the left or right in px but that all changes today!

You now have the option to use the standard sizing units provided by CSS including em, rem and %. This brings with it some interesting other improvements in reverse like being able to set the button to be a fixed pixel width from the side rather than as a percentage.

Every option that had a pixel unit (except Breakpoints) now comes with these options.

Border Sizes

Previously setting the border colours in my plugin only allowed you to have a single pixel border around the menu items but not anymore!

From today moving forward you can now set the width of your borders (or 0 if you don’t want any) simply an easy using one option. You can of course now set these as em, rem or % units as per the update mentioned above!

New Link Animations

Pro customers now have the option to fade the individual links in when the menu is opened and have them bounce from the side of the menu each time and even control the time it takes for the menu items to fade in and at what speed they bounce across.

This has been implemented on my site so you can see this in action by resizing your screen until you see the menu button and clicking on it, enjoy!

New Sub-Menu Animation Type

This is a new beta option which completely changes the functionality of how the sub-menu items behave. It is hard to explain in words but it means that when an item is clicked the whole submenu replaces the current menu view, the best way is just to see it in action on this page

I hope you like the changes and please let me know if there are any other features I can add or bugs I can squash!