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Review from rosebriar

Solid, Customizable Plugin with Great Support


7 Days Free Trial

From Aug, 2020, we are offering free trial for Responsive Menu plugin. You can easily try our pro plugin without paying anything and you can cancel it anytime within 7 days of free trial.

Why Purchase?

Desktop and Mega Menu

Not only can you take control and customise your menu on mobile and tablet devices, you can also control your desktop menu too. With full customisation options including Mega Menu functionality, everything is covered.

Header Bar

Give yourself the ability to add a Header Bar to your site. Combining it with the desktop and mega menu options above and with it's many customisation options, you can have a beautiful site set up in minutes. This website uses both of these options for example.

Touch Gestures and Keyboard Commands

You can use hand or mouse controlled touch gestures such as swiping, or keyboard commands such as Esc or Space to open and close the menu. As with everything in the plugin, the choice is up to you.

20+ Button Animations

We have integrated the amazing button animations created by Jon Suh, which can be found on his hamburgers page. All are fully unlocked and ready to give your menu button a bit more pizzazz!

Font Icons

We have harnessed the amazing work of the 600+ font icons available from FontAwesome and the GlyphIcon sets to allow you to select an individual icon for each and every menu item at your choosing. You even have the option to use your own custom HTML if you please.

Exclude on Specific Pages

Want to exclude the menu from specific pages? No problem, you can select none, one or as many pages as you want to be excluded. Useful if you don't want the plugin to show on a specific landing page or payment page etc.

Multi Lingual Site ready

The plugin is fully integrated with WPML and Polylang for multilingual sites, allowing you to change different elements of the plugin including the menu itself dependent on the language site your users are on.