3.0.7 was released today on the 22nd July and brings with it a brand new feature and 3 new options!


With the pro version it is now possible to preview changes before you actually publish them to your site, allowing you to fine tune your menu without leaving it published inbetween style updates.

From now on you will see an option in the top right of the admin pages with a Preview Options box. Simply click this and a new tab will open up in your browser with all your current settings – once you’re happy simply click Update Options as normal to save them!

Search Box

Menu Search Box

There are now a few extra options that you can use to customise the look and feel of the search box itself and although they should be self explanatory, they are listed below:

  • Text – Change the placeholder text used in the search box
  • Text Colour – Change the colour of the placeholder and search text
  • Border Colour – Change the colour of the border around the search box
  • Background Colour – Change the background colour of the search box

There have also been minor improvements to the way disable scrolling is handled, z-index levels for the buttons and containers and better license checking and error messages in the Pro version along with your usual bug fixes.

We hope you enjoy the new changes and updates we have made and if you have any development requests, suggestions or bugs then don’t forget to contact us!