It’s only been a couple of weeks since the last major release but today I bring you another one! You can find a list of the new changes below:

Option filters in the admin

Tired of always trying to find that option you’re after in amongst the 150 available? Well fret no more because from today you can now filter the options in the admin, hooray for UX! Simply start typing into the Filter box and only the relevant options will show. Currently the filter works based on the main label of the option. An example search for image options in action can be shown below:

Admin filter

New colour options

I’ve added a few more colour options just to keep your customisable tails wagging a little more, for this update they include:

  • Menu Container Background
  • Hamburger Hover Line Colour
  • Hamburger Active Line Colour
  • Hamburger Active Background Colour

Custom font icons

You are no longer restricted to the wonderful power of FontAwesome but you can also now use any of the Glyphicon set provided with bootstrap along with custom html such as images – the new interface for this can be seen below (you can switch the FontIcon type using the select box to the right):

FontIcon Selection

See you all soon!