This has probably been the longest I’ve gone without a release and I hope the amount of changes and additions makes up for my absence!

[doc_block title=”Fully Customisable Sub Menus”]

For awhile now people have rightly been asking for the ability to customise their sub menus separately from their main top level items.

I am happy to say that as of today, it is now possible to customise everything you could previous with top level items but on the sub menu level. This includes everything from fonts, font sizing, background, text and border colours including hover and active states.

I hope you have fun finding new and wonderful ways to style your menu, and remember if it’s good enough you will make it on to my front page Examples section.

All these options can be found at the top of the `Sub Menus` tab.


[doc_block title=”Close Menu on Scroll”]

Another option that people have asked for is the ability to have the menu close automatically when a user scrolls down the page.

This is now available in beta stage in the latest 3.1.14 release so give it a go and let me know what you think!

This option can be found under the Container tab in the Technical sub-section.


[doc_block title=”Smooth Scroll Links”]

Sticking with the scrolling theme for this update, you now have the ability to enable smooth scrolling on your links. This is useful for one page sites where the links don’t actually open up new pages but stay in place.

Combined with the Close on Link Clicks option, this can make for a very nice effect.

This option can be found under the Menu tab in the Animations sub-section, which also allows you to control the speed of the animation.


[doc_block title=”And more…”]

In addition to the above there have been many other changes such as the addition of height and width options to the Title Image and various bug fixes. A full changelog can be seen below:

* Added line height options for all menu items.
* Added title to Search element to meet WCAG accessibility requirements.
* Improvements for admin option filtering.
* Added Height and Width options to Title Image.
* Added customisable options for sub-menus.
* Allow translation of search placeholder text.
* Fixed bug with Adjust Header Bar option.
* [PRO] Added inner Header Bar HTML element for easier customisation.
* [PRO] Option to close menu on page scroll.
* [PRO] Option to smooth scroll same page links.


As always if you find any bugs or have any feature requests please bring them to my attention as I can promise you, your requests are never ignored!

See you all soon!