It’s been another long time before releases but 3.1.15 is finally here with a couple of cool new options and an upgrade to FontAwesome. Awesome!

Let’s jump straight into the changes.

[doc_block title=”Upgrade to FontAwesome 5.2″]

I had been running on FontAwesome 4 quite happily for the past couple of years but users started to notice that some of the new icons were not available in FontAwesome 4 and so it was time to upgrade to FontAwesome 5.

Unfortunately, FontAwesome 5 has done away with the standard `fa` prefix for it’s icons and they are now split into various different sections, which is quite a pain. With this in mind, you will now see multiple options when choosing your FontAwesome icon. You will see FontAwesome Solid for `fas` related icons and FontAwesome Brand for `fab` related icons.

Please make sure you select the correct one as without them your icons will not show. Unfortunately, it also seems that some icons have now been removed or have been made Pro only so you may need to update the icons you use after updating to version 3.1.15 of my plugin (as I had to do on this very site).


[doc_block title=”Hide Menu on Desktop/Hide Menu on Mobile”]

Previously there was the `Only Show Menu on Mobile?` option which allowed you to specify that the plugin should not show on desktops. Since then, I have had quite a few questions asking if the reverse could be achieved, which up until now it couldn’t.

The `Only Show Menu on Mobile?` option has been replaced with the two new `Hide Menu on Desktop` and `Hide Menu on Mobile` options so you can further specify to your needs.

Those that were using the `Only Show Menu on Mobile?` option will be happy to know that when upgrading the `Hide Menu on Desktop` option will be automatically enabled so you should see no changes in functionality.


[doc_block title=”And more…”]

In addition to the above there have been many bug fixes and updated, the full changelog is below:

* Fixed Sub Menu line height bug.
* Removed Min Admin Guide.
* Upgrade to FontAwesome 5.2 (Pro)
* Fix search placeholder colour issue (Pro)
* Added options to hide on mobile or desktop devices (Pro)


As always if you find any bugs or have any feature requests please bring them to my attention as I can promise you, your requests are never ignored!

See you all soon!