Another month has passed and another release has found it’s way pushed out including brand new themes and a beta fix for the age old background scrolling option!

[doc_block title=”New Themes Released”]

The 3.1.16 version release saw a brand new Themes section inside the plugin available for people to purchase and install pre-built themes to help get you started a bit quicker. Initial launch saw just the Full Width Theme released as a kind of testing ground. Thankfully no bugs have been reported as yet and I’m hoping that users of the theme are finding it useful and enjoyable.

Off the back of that, comes two new simple, but elegant single coloured themes. Introducing:

Simply Red
Electric Blue

Check out the demo sites and let me know what you think!


[doc_block title=”Beta fix to Background Scrolling”]

Unfortunately Background Scrolling is one of the most difficult things to achieve, that works on all browsers and devices and has constantly been a pain when developing this plugin.

I’ve ditched the site wrapper version, as it causes too many issues with site animations, back to top buttons etc. and tried a different approach. This change is still in beta so if you notice any bugs or issues please do report them and I will try to get them patched up as quick as possible!


[doc_block title=”Other Changes”]

In addition to the above there as been the addition of a new Menu Title Text Alignment option so you can have this nicely separated from the links below it.

Finally there has been a fix to how the Smooth Scrolling option works when using links with anchors on a separate page.


As always if you find any bugs or have any feature requests please bring them to my attention as I can promise you, your requests are never ignored!

See you all soon!