It’s been a while since I gave you a new release which I can only apologise for, however, I hope you will like the new option we have for you this month.

[doc_block title=”Touch Gestures”]

After popular demand I can finally bring touch gestures to you :-) This can easy be turned on by simply enabling the aptly named “Enable Touch Gestures” option, which is found under the “Menu” > “Animation” section. This takes the details provided in the “Appear From” option and allows you to swipe using your mouse on desktops or fingers on mobile to open and close the menu.

To turn this option on you simply need to click the button so it shows as below:

Selection 029 1

Please remember that as this option is new there is always the risk that it may carry a bug or two so please let me know if you find any and I will get right on with squashing that sucker!

As always if you find any bugs please bring them to my attention as I can promise you, your requests are never ignored!

See you all soon!