Hi all,

Thank you for your continued support of this project. I hope it has brought you as much joy as it has me along the way.

I am currently working extremely hard on a Responsive Menu 3 release which will bring with it much more modern options such as button animations and Font Icon support to the Pro version with tons more options added to both the Free and Pro.

It is also a chance for me to rewrite the codebase as it has become quite stale over the last couple of years as I have grown as a developer and learned new techniques and ways to make the software more maintainable, flexible and expandable which I hope you will appreciate.

As a background to this project for those that don’t know, I have given almost 3 years to this project so far from it’s humble beginnings as a personal project in a single php file and put in as much effort as I can to free support, maintenance, feature requests, bug fixing, upgrades and now a full re-write. It has been a great joy but also a huge challenge but I feel that it has all been worth it!

The Free version provides more than enough functionality for a fully working Responsive Menu and currently the Pro Version provides enough for a few extra beers at the weekend but not enough to quit my day job and although I am not motivated by money of course it is nice to be rewarded in some part for all the lost evenings and weekends and so will be trying to encourage those that can buy it, to buy it – you won’t be disappointed!

Upgrading to Version 3.0 will not be as “upgrade proof” as it is for previous version due to the rewrite, and while I have done my best to maintain the current settings as best I can, some are no longer compatible and you will likely need to reconfigure these again.

As such I would suggest setting it up and getting it ready on a development site first, then exporting the options and importing them to the live site.

Also, due to the re-write users will be required to have PHP 5.5 or higher installed to use the plugin.

On a final note, I am now requiring beta testers to test the product so please let me know if you are interested.

If you could email your bugs to me at support [at] responsive [dot] menu that would be much appreciated!

Again, thank you for your support and please remember that you can always continue using the current 2.x version of the plugin which I will fix bugs for as I find them for at least the next year moving forward (for those on older PHP versions or who prefer the old version!).

All the best