It has come to our attention that a few users are facing difficulties after updating to Responsive Menu  v4.1.6. Here’s some context:

We introduced the new user interface of the Responsive Menu in version 4.0.0 which was released on 7th December 2020. We were aware that some of our users may not want to upgrade to the new interface so we kept the legacy interface as well so that our existing users can get a choice of upgrading to the new interface.

However, After our recent 4.1.6 upgrade, we have now made ‘ResponsiveMenu’ compatible with WordPress best practices and requirements. As part of this process, some legacy code had to be removed. Unfortunately, this forced everyone to use our new interface by default. All new users will now be required to use the ‘Responsive Menu 4.1.6’ or greater interface as part of the WordPress update requirements.

We did not remove any functionality from our free plugin that was previously available in the legacy interface. However, we are willing to provide you with free support if you are having problems with our new interface.

If you still want to use the old interface, you can download an older stable version from which can be found at the bottom of the page. We do not recommend that you use older versions and instead urge you to migrate to our new interface because the latest versions are always patched against known vulnerabilities and are thus more secure. 

We look forward to providing the best services and better product updates in the future.