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Why Go Pro

Take your Responsive Menu to the next level!

Purchase Responsive Menu Pro and unlock the power of Awesome Font Icons, Button Animations, Colour Opacity, Header Bar, Single Menu control and much more...

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Reason One

Desktop and Mega Menu

Want to also use the Responsive Menu plugin for controlling your menu on desktop too? Then sign up to the Pro version and you will get options to style your main menu seperately from the Responsive Menu (as seen on this site), including Mega Menu capabilities.

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Single Menu
Header Bar

Reason Two

Header Bar

Want a nice header bar for your menu including logo, title, search box and additional content option? No problem, the Pro version provides this with options for background and text colours, header bar size and the ability to turn different parts on or off!

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Reason Three

Button Animations

We have integrated the amazing button animations created by Jon Suh, which can be found on this hamburgers page to give your menu button a bit more pizzazz!

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Button Animations
Awesome Font Icons

Reason Four

Awesome Font Icons

We have harnassed the amazing work of the 600+ font icons available from Awesome Font Icons to allow you to select an individual icon for each and every menu item at your choosing.

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Reason Five

Colour Opacity

Want to be able to set the opacity for ALL colours used by the plugin to allow for semi-transparent backgrounds or text colours if you please? Purchase the Pro version and all that power will be yours.

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Two Menus

Reason Six

Responsify two different menus on one page

As the Free and Pro plugins are completely seperate entities, with the Pro version you will have the ability to Responsify two menus on the same page.

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Plus get the following Free and Pro options included

Add Body Background Overlay

Disable Background Scrolling

Set Auto-Height on Menu

Wrap Menu Item Text

Change Search Box Placeholder Text

Use FontIcon for Menu Title

Use FontIcon for Button

Use FontIcon for Sub-Arrows

Add Custom CSS

Only Show on Mobile Devices

WPML and PolyLang Integration

Touch Gestures

Keyboard Gestures

And much, much more (125 options in fact)!