It’s been a relatively long release this time around at almost 6 weeks. This is mainly due to the fact that I have been away for 3 weeks taking some long overdue rest and that this meant there was quite a lot of development to catch up on my return! It’s quite a big release this time around and I have tried to summarise it all as best as possible below:

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts for opening and closing the menu are something that has been asked for a few times now so they have been bumped up my development queue and are now out for release today in the Pro plugin.

At the moment there are a limited key strokes available, namely Esc, Enter, Space, Left, Right, Up, Down. They can be combined in any way you like and you can use multiples for each action if you so choose.

I have implemented this on my site so try hitting the Esc, Enter, Left or Right keys when the burger is showing and see what happens! A screenshot of this new option is shown below:

Keyboard Shortcuts

Open Button Title

For since as long as I can remember now you have add the ability to set a title for the hamburger menu. However, as a user pointed out a few weeks ago there is no way to set the text for when the button has been clicked and the menu is open! That all ends today with this release and you now have the ability to set an Open title as well as a standard one.

Don’t worry if you leave the open title blank then the standard one will be used throughout. A screenshot highlighting the new option can be seen below:

Selection 007 1

Auto Open Menu

Another request I have had recently, which apparently is proving quite popular is to have the ability for the menu to be automatically opened on page load. Today I have released an option to turn this feature on. Please bare in mind that this feature is still in beta so if you experience any weird behaviour or bugs with it please do let me know so I can get them ironed out for the next release!

Again, a screenshot of this new option can be seen below:

Show Menu on Page Load

Easier Font Icons

Were you fed up of having to find the ID of each one of your menu items just to add a FontIcon to it? Well, that stops today! With this release comes a much nicer interface to use for adding FontIcons.

Instead of an empty box for you to type an ID into, you will be faced with a simple select box where you can choose the menu item based on it’s title. Easy peasy! The screenshot below should show the improvement:

FontIcons Improved

As always if you find any bugs please bring them to my attention as I can promise you, your requests are never ignored!

See you all soon!