Menu above built with this plugin including Mega Menu.


Excluded PagesSelect one or more pages that will be excluded from displaying the plugin.

ContainerSpecify the speed at which the container slides in.
ColoursSpecify the speed at which background colours transition from standard to active or hover states.
Sub MenusSpecify the speed at which the sub menus transition.

Use Shortcode?Please place [responsive_menu_pro] in your files to use. Full documentation can be found here.
Hide on mobile devicesThis will disable the plugin on mobile devices. No HTML, CSS or JavaScript will be output if the user is on a mobile specific device.
Hide on desktopsThis will disable the plugin on desktop devices. No HTML, CSS or JavaScript will be output if the user is on a desktop specific device.
Show menu on Page LoadThis will mean the menu container will show as opened and the button will be set to active on each page load.
Adjust for WP Admin BarIf you use the WP Admin bar when logged in, this will bring the various elements down so they are not hidden behind it.
Disable Background ScrollingWhen the menu is open the background of the page cannot be scrolled.

Please ensure your theme follows WordPress theme development guidelines for this to work. Specifically that the html tag includes the language_attributes() function call.

EnableWhen the menu is open the page will have an overlay covering all but the opened menu and button.
ColourSet the colour of the page overlay when enabled.

Works nicely with a slight transparency.

Custom CSSYou can place any Custom CSS you want here. Very useful if you want to make minor tweaks to some margins, paddings or colours or even for whole new layouts or designs.

Accepts any valid CSS rules, including media queries.