Do you know people tend to search for content in their native language? And a website that can offer content in the user’s native language will be trusted more than a website with a foreign language that lets the user to manually translate the content with many third-party software.

Most of the time the user will switch to another website that offers what he is looking for in his native language rather than him trying to take effort and translate.

So all in all, it is always a good decision to have your content in different languages and let the user decide in which language he wishes to consume the content.

Users of Responsive Menu Pro now can add this feature to their website with help of WordPress Multilingual Plugin. WPML is the best feasible solution to make your site multi-lingual, it is being used by over ½ million websites on the internet.

Check out the WPML Setup video for the first time setup of the WPML plugin to your website

The below steps are to be followed only after successful WPML plugin purchase, installation and set up to your website.

How to Setup Menu to use in Responsive Menu Pro with the WPML Plugin?

  1. Assigning a WPML language switcher to your website’s front end, it allows the visitors to switch between the set languages. You can use the Language switcher as a Widget, or in a Menu, or in the website’s footer. You can also show them before and after your posts for users to switch between different languages.
  2. Create a menu in English as your default language menu and translate the menu to other desired languages. With WPML you can translate WordPress menus in two ways either manually or let WPML synchronize the menu content.
  3. After successfully creating the menu in Step 2, now you need to navigate to the Responsive Menu Pro and select the menu that you have created.
    • For that, you will need to go to Responsive Menu Pro > Initial Setup > Menu to Use > and Select the English Menu that you have created in step 2 and update the page.
  4. Refresh the page where you would want the language switcher to show up. If all goes well, now you can switch between the set languages and this will change the Responsive Menu Pro menu’s content.

How to Translate Responsive Menu Pro Setting Text Options?

  1. Install and Activate WPML String Translation Plugin from your account under the downloads section. After that navigate to WPML > String Translation.
  2. Using one of the Text Options as an example, please go to Responsive Menu Pro > Container > Additional Content > and enter some content in your default language.
  3. Navigate to the WPML Plugin > String Translation. Here you would find the content you entered and you can get it translated by clicking on the translations link and then saving your translation.

NOTE: Default Language refers to your Site’s Default Language[Example: Spanish, Chinese, or even Hindi]. As for demonstration purposes we’ve named English as the site’s default language. And, it totally depends on your setup


This is how you use Responsive Menu Pro with WPML CMS and make awesome multilingual sites.