Responsive Menu plugin offers various technical settings which provide the user extra set of functionalities. Some users may not know how to use these terms, so we are going to discuss them in detail.


technical theme
Admin Theme: Responsive menu plugin provides its users two admin panel themes, from which they can select a theme according to their preference. The default admin theme of this plugin is set to ‘Dark’, the other one is ‘Light’.


technical scripts
Use External Files: Enabling this feature, creates external CSS and Javascript files generated by this plugin. Placing Javascript and CSS in external files ensures the following advantages: It separates HTML and code, It makes HTML and JavaScript easier to read and maintain, Cached JavaScript files can speed up page loads. So, the plugin keeps on working efficiently. Minify Scripts: Minification is the process of removing unnecessary elements and rewriting code to reduce file size. It is commonly done to web page resources, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files. It reduces the file size of the plugin and thus, in turn, increases the page load speed of the website. Place Scripts In Footer: By placing the JS at the bottom of your page before <body> the closing tag, you are allowing the HTML to be parsed prior to loading the javascript. This gives the effect of faster page load times. If you have static HTML content and a lot of javascript, it can make a difference in perceived page load time since the HTML will load first giving the user something to look at. If you don’t have much javascript, or the existing page content relies on the javascript to be useful, then this is not as useful.

Remove Scripts

technical remove scripts
Remove FontAwesome Scripts: Enabling this feature does not load the plugin’s FontAwesome scripts. It is useful if you want to run your own FontAwesome version or already have it installed. Remove BootStrap Scripts: Enabling this feature does not load the plugin’s BootStrap scripts. It is useful if you want to run your own BootStrap version for GlyphIcons or already have it installed.


technical transfer
Import: This option allows the user to import settings from another responsive menu plugin created via the Export process below. This process cannot be undone so be 100% sure before importing the settings. Export: This will create an export file so that you can transfer the settings of this plugin to other sites.


technical rebuild
Reset Options: This will reset the plugin options back to their defaults. It is useful if you have messed up with the settings of the plugin and want to restart again. This process is a destructive process and can’t be undone. Rebuild Database: This will rebuild the database table if you are having issues. This process is also a destructive process and can’t be undone.