Although generally speaking out of the box Responsive Menu gives good defaults in terms of font size, styles, colours etc. there are more technical aspects of the plugin that we would recommend tweaking to improve performance. A list of these is provided below:

[doc_block title=”Use External Files”]

Found in the Technical tab, under the Scripts header, enabling the Use External Files option will clean up your HTML source code no end. When enabling this option and saving it, it will combine all the CSS and all the JavaScript code into individual files and place them in a new folder called “responsive-menu-{pro}-data” and then name them suffixed with the current Blog ID (this means it is possible to use on multi-sites).

Please make sure before enabling this option that your server has permissions to write files, otherwise this will fail. An example with the option turned on can be seen below:

Selection 056


[doc_block title=”Minify Scripts”]

Staying in the same Scripts header section, enabling the Minify Scripts option is another great way to reduce the CSS and JavaScript size by up to 50%. Minification is the process of removing unnecessary characters from the output such as comments, new lines, extra white-space etc. in an effort to reduce file sizes.

Using this in combination with the external files option above is a great way to reduce page sizes and page load speeds. An example of this option turned on is shown below:

Selection 057