Menu above built with this plugin including Mega Menu.

How to create WordPress Hamburger Menu for Desktop?

Want to create an awesome looking WordPress Hamburger Menu for Desktop? Hamburger Navigation Menu is a compact navigation style with three horizontal lines that you see on most Professional looking websites.

Most of the websites nowadays have a Hamburger Menu set-up. It not only looks cool and modern but makes the website look clean, professional, eases navigation within the site, but lets you stuff more menus inside it giving a minimalist look.

With the WordPress Hamburger Menu in place, the user won’t struggle to navigate to the desired menu. The WordPress Hamburger Menu is mostly positioned on the Top-Left or Top-Right of the screen.

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Why to use a WordPress Hamburger Menu in 2021?

Thanks to Norm Cox the inventor of the Hamburger Icon it’s now become a go-to solution for navigation on web and mobile applications.

Let’s admit! WordPress Hamburger Menu is a Space Saver. It’s a button menu in websites, that once clicked opens up a Slide Menu or a Navigation Drawer with fancy and mesmerizing animations.

As of today, we need our WordPress websites to look less congestive and user friendly, which is possible with Hamburger Menu whereas the traditional navigation menu bar takes an ample amount of space which thereby could’ve been utilized for other things.

Creating a WordPress Hamburger Menu for Desktop

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To create a WordPress Hamburger Menu we are going to make use of a WordPress plugin called Responsive Menu.

It is the most downloaded Hamburger Menu Plugin on No coding knowledge is required to set up this plugin.

Responsive Menu is a highly customizable WordPress Hamburger Menu Plugin that is responsive i.e. works across devices with varied screen sizes and easy to use.

With Responsive Menu Pro, you can not only customize the Desktop Menu but the Mobile Menu too. You get the Mega Menu functionality and much more than that with this plugin.

Step 1: Download Responsive Menu Pro

To get the Desktop Menu Functionality working you need to buy the Responsive Menu Pro, install it on your WordPress website. And, Activate It.

Step 2: Initial Setup

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After installing the plugin you will notice a new Responsive Menu Pro Menu in the admin sidebar. Click on it, and head on to the Initial Setup in the Desktop Menu Tab.

Enable the Desktop Menu, and Below it enter the CSS Selector [For example #nav-menu, nav, .other-nav] of the Original Menu which you would like to hide, and replace it with the WordPress Hamburger Menu.

Step 3: Settings and General Setup

Settings and General Setup create WordPress Hamburger Menu for Desktop Responsive Menu Plugin 5dde5ce71045dc926f996e8e24d53b4e 800

After you’ve successfully hidden the Original Menu, you now have to adjust the Menu Type, Item Width, and enter the Submenu Panel Maximum Width.

If you like the default settings then Keep it untouched and move to the General Setup.

In General Setup you can adjust the positioning of the Desktop Menu, You can alter the Width of the Desktop Menu that suits your Website or keep it blank to let it auto-adjust.

You can set the Side, of where you would like the Menu to appear.

You can enable the “Open Sub Menu Items On Click” option to open Mega Menu/Standard Menu Items on Click, by default it will open on mouse hover.

You can also give the Animation Effect for the Desktop Menu like Fade, Fade Up, Slide Down and Slide Up and adjust the speed from 100ms to 1000ms.

Step 4: Top Level and Sub Menu Link Colouring

Top Level and Sub Menu Link Colouring create WordPress Hamburger Menu for Desktop Responsive Menu Plugin 6df18da79771c8da3d4ff8cb181217a2 800

You can set up the Top Level Link Colours and Sub-Menu Link Colours to adjust them according to the website theme.

Set the Background Colour, Background Hover Colour, Text Colour, and Text Hover Colour with Hex and RGBA Colour Palette.

Step 5: Top Level and Sub Menu Styling

Top Level and Sub Menu Styling create WordPress Hamburger Menu for Desktop Responsive Menu Plugin 6df18da79771c8da3d4ff8cb181217a2 800

Here you can style the font to be used on the WordPress Hamburger Menu.

You can set the font for the Menu/Sub Menu Items, the font must already be installed as part of your website’s theme or choose from inbuilt browser font.

Adjust the Font Size, Height, and Line Height for Menu/Sub Menu Items in the form of px, %, em, rem, vw, and vh.

After making the required changes save the configuration by hitting the Update Options button and preview the recent changes with Preview Changes Button.

Final Thoughts

Implementing these steps would surely make the website navigation easy to use and also help you save some frustrated customers.

Responsive Menu Pro not only allows you to create a Desktop/Mega Menu but also lets you disply a header bar that is fixed. Let your users control the Menu using Touch Gestures or Keyboard shortcuts, get access to 20+ Button animations and 600+ Font Icons from leading providers.

Also, check out if you’re interested to make the menu look like the one on this website!

Tell us what you think about the WordPress hamburger Menu in the comment box below, Thanks!