Installation of the Responsive Menu Pro version of the plugin is slightly different to the Free version due to the fact that it is not held on the repository but rather is a download from this website.

Instructions for the Responsive Menu Pro version

[doc_block title=”Pro Installation”]1. First you will need to purchase the pro version by following the process on the pricing page. An account will automatically be created for you on our site after purchase is completed.

2. Once you have purchased the plugin, navigate to your orders page which can be found here (please note you must log in if not already to view orders). Once here, you will see your purchases at which point you need to click on the text that says “View Details and Downloads”:

Pro Download Button

3. Once here you will see all the purchase details for the purchase including your license key, purchase details, invoices and the download link. To download the file, simply click on the link at the bottom of this page under the Products section:

Pro Purchase Confirmation

4. Once you click the link in the image above, it will start to download a zip file called “responsive-menu-{random numbers}.zip”, select the “Save File” option and choose somewhere on your computer to save it as you will need it shortly.

Pro Download Button

5. The next steps are very similar to the free version in regards installing the plugin itself. First, login to your WordPress admin area and navigate on the left sidebar to the option “Plugins”, then click “Add New” on the menu options once hovered over, as below:

Install Plugin - Add

6. This time, instead of searching as usual, click the “Upload Plugin” button as shown by the red arrow in the image below:

Install Plugin - Upload

7. On the next page, click either of the 2 “Browse” buttons as marked by the red arrow on the image below:

Install Plugin - Browse

8. The next screen that pops up will ask you to upload the zip file you downloaded in point 3 above, the screen should look similar to the below image – simply select the downloaded zip file and click “Open”

Install Plugin - Open

9. Once selected, the previous screen should now update showing that the plugin is ready to be installed as should look similar to the screenshot below:

Install Plugin - Install

10. Once you click “Install Now”, WordPress will download all the relevant files it needs and should look similar to what is displayed below (the version number is likely to be different).

Install Plugin - Installed


Congratulations – the Responsive Menu Pro plugin has now been installed on your WordPress site successfully!