Menu above built with this plugin including Mega Menu.

Desktop Menu

This section deals with the Desktop Menu tab from the admin and attempts to document all the options available.

EnableEnable the Desktop Menu.
Original Menu to HideTo hide your current theme menu you need to put the CSS selector here. Any legal CSS selection criteria is valid.

For example #nav-menu, nav, .other-nav

See here for more help on finding what to put here.

PositioningSpecify how you want the menu to stick to your page.

Using relative positioning is useful when combined with the shortcode.
WidthSet the width of the desktop menu and it’s unit.

Leave blank to keep the width auto.
SideSet which side of the screen the desktop menu will show on.

FontSet the font for the menu items. The font must already be installed as part of your theme or a browser inbuilt one.

For example “Open Sans”.
Font SizeSet the text size of the menu items and their unit.
HeightSet the height of the top level menu items and their unit.
Line HeightSet the line height of the top level menu items and their unit.