Hide Current Menu

Once you have chosen the menu you would like to make responsive on your site, the next thing you need to do is hide your original menu when the responsive menu begins to show.

To do this, you will need to find the CSS class or ID of your current menu, instructions of which can be found on this page.

Now you are armed with this information it’s time to tell Responsive Menu that you want the original menu to be hidden when the Responsive Menu shows.

Thankfully this is very easy and only involves one setting in the Responsive Menu admin, Original Menu to Hide.

Don’t forget, you can separate multiple CSS elements to hide using the comma to separate them, i.e – #main-menu, .footer-menu, #third-menu

Now when your site is resized below your chosen menu breakpoint width any elements with the classes or ID’s mentioned above will be hidden from view!

Remember not to add the CSS value of the Responsive Menu in this box, otherwise the menu won’t show!