Menu above built with this plugin including Mega Menu.

Header Bar

This section deals with the Header Bar tab from the admin and attempts to document all the options available.

EnabledTurning this on will make the Header Bar show on your site automatically.
PositioningSpecify how you want the button to stick to your page.

Using relative positioning is useful when combined with the shortcode.
BreakpointThis is the width of the screen in pixels at which point you would like the header bar to start showing.

Set to 80000 if you want the menu to appear on all devices.

Order of Header Bar ItemsDrag the header bar items left and right to re-order how they appear on the front end. You can also click to turn them on or off.

Leaving the relevant options empty below will effectively turn them off.

TextSet a text title for use on the header bar.

HTML ContentThis section allows you to put any custom HTML, shortcodes, text or anything you like to the header bar.

It’s particularly useful if you have social media icons, shopping cart information or anything else custom to your site.

HTML and shortcodes can be used here.

FontSet the font for the header bar text. The font must already be installed as part of your theme or a browser inbuilt one.

For example “Open Sans”.
Font SizeSet the text size of the header bar and it’s unit.

HeightSet the height of the header bar and it’s unit.
Adjust PageTurning this on will automatically adjust your page to bring the content down inline with the header bar.

BackgroundSet the background colour for the header bar.
TextSet the text colour for the header bar text.