Installation of the Responsive Menu free version is done as any other WordPress plugin on the repository, below is a very simple guide:

[doc_block title=”Free Installation”]
1. Login to your WordPress admin area
2. Navigate on the left sidebar to the option “Plugins”, then click “Add New” on the menu options once hovered over, as below:Install Plugin - Add

3. Next, search for the plugin in the Repository by typing “Responsive Menu” in “Search Plugins” box and hit enter, as shown by the red arrow in the image below:

Install Plugin - Search

4. The plugin should be the first item that shows up in the listings, at this point simply click “Install Now”, as per the screenshot below:

Install Plugin - Install

5. Once you click “Install Now”, WordPress will download all the relevant files it needs and should look similar to what is displayed below (the version number is likely to be different).

Install Plugin - Installed

Congratulations – the Responsive Menu plugin has now been installed on your WordPress site successfully!